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General Description

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a multiplayer-based third-person shooter released in March 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Campaign and versus modes both focus on teamwork. Players choose from a set of classes each with its own set of abilities that are unlocked as players gain experience points. A team can only hold one of any given class, and their abilities are designed to complement each other.


On a fundamental level all players have the same options. A straightforward collection of weapons are used in combat, and foes might include zombies, SWAT-like soldiers, or teams of other players, depending on the game mode. Players fire their weapons and use melee attacks from an over-the-shoulder perspective; large numbers of enemies and limited pools of ammunition mean that players need to constantly be on the lookout for new supplies. Most campaign stages offer their own twists, and as players level up they access new tactical options for each class.


Player creativity and people skills are two of the game’s strengths. Though the game can be played solo with AI partners, the real depth is only revealed as players form teams and use the unique abilities of each class to complement one another.

Grade by Game Type Overall Grade
C- C-
Ratings at a Glance
Creativity: 6 Publisher: Capcom
Business: 2 Developer: Slant Six Games & Capcom
People: 5 Year: 2012
Problem: 4 Genre: 3rd Person Shooter
Simulation: 0 Strengths: creativity, people
Popularity: 5 Platforms: PC
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Extra: 0  
Rating Details

Classroom Facts


A minimap shows certain details of each stage. Certain character classes have perks that allow them to see the locations of enemies and items, and some can even share this information with nearby players.


Math is involved in collecting and spending experience and conserving ammunition.


Creativity & Imagination


By the Player:


The game’s fast-paced nature makes it hard to develop long-term strategic goals. Instead players need to focus on moment-to-moment tactical decisions, reacting quickly to new enemies based on their current stock of items and the actions of their allies.

While campaign missions are linear, they do usually offer room to explore, and in fact there are plenty of hidden collectibles. These unlock concept art and can also be cashed in for extra experience points.


Combat gives players some freedom, though a player’s options are mostly the genre standard - machine guns, shotguns, grenades and melee attacks. Selecting class-specific perks and working together with a team are the places that players get real room to improvise.


By the Developer:


Operation Raccoon City’s most novel idea is to make a multiplayer-based third-person shooter out of the Resident Evil franchise. Set in an alternate timeline between two of the earlier games in the series, it allows players to do battle against certain series protagonists, likely a draw for Resident Evil fans.


It also allows the game to take Resident Evil mechanics and incorporate them into a genre that has already been well-explored. Players choose from different classes and compete as teams, but the addition of monsters from throughout the series - zombies, mostly - complicate matches and add new mechanics. Players can get infected, requiring an anti-viral spray to cure, and most game types allow players to score points for eliminating either zombies or other players. While the game’s basic elements are all familiar, these twists help keep the game from feeling too recycled.


Business Skills


Players earn experience points which can be used to permanently unlock or upgrade the abilities of the game’s various classes. The pressure this puts on players can vary - it’s fairly simple to unlock all of a single class, but players that jump between classes will have to make some choices. Weapon unlocks are particularly expensive, but can be used with any class type, making them particularly valuable.


People Skills


Cooperation is key in campaign, as players work together to handle hordes of foes, pick each other up after attacks, use healing sprays to recover health or cure viruses, and use their unique class abilities to support one another.


Versus games get rid of the pressures of moving through a stage as a team, though playing against another team of human players is ultimately much more challenging. A team of individually skilled players can easily succeed here, but learning to use the abilities of the various classes in tandem gives a great advantage. A more offensive class can unlock temporary invincibility, while another more supportive class can share radar information with allies. A team can also only hold a player of any given class, which helps push players to support each other.


Problem Solving


Operation Raccoon City is about shooting. The challenge in campaign mostly comes from the wealth of enemies in any given area. Crowd control quickly becomes a major factor, particularly with zombies as opposed to enemy SWAT forces. In the campaign any given room of each maze-like stage could result in a swarm of enemies, and a team must be ready to react to gun-wielding enemies, charging hordes of monsters, or the more unique traps located in specific stages, like bosses or wall-mounted flamethrowers. Besides the strange collection of enemy types and subtle differences between player classes, the action is pretty straightforward.


Versus modes communicate many of the same ideas, though naturally it’s a more focused experience, as narrative goals are discarded in favor of simple competition. Game types offer different goals - one gives each team a leader that becomes the opposing team’s central target, for example - though the same basic ideas persist.




Operation Raccoon City is not a simulation game.




Operation Raccoon City received mixed reviews. While most critics praised the game’s general mechanics and focus on co-op, others found the game’s story and mechanics shallow compared to other games in the Resident Evil franchise and other more tactical multiplayer games, respectively.


Controls & Options


Four difficulty modes are available in campaign chapters. Standard A/V and control options are available.




Operation Raccoon City was rated Mature by the ESRB with descriptors for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence and Strong Language.